In the hills of OƱati, in memory now, the cows sit patiently.
The trees too. Without complaint, without madness.

In small moments big things happen.
I love learning in a flash how to save a thousand minutes by going one way instead of another. Especially with a knife or with words.
I love that spark of understanding that’s gone when it comes, but leaves an impression and undoes habits.
One morning years ago, a film star client asked for weight loss tips. How to lose that last stubborn inch. I made for her a drink of grapefruits with the pith, chia seeds and maple. The sweet tart was so refreshing, she had one every day. Her inch dissolved; she asked me how. My sense is that the drink was just a nudge. It gently set in motion what became a major change.
First the clearing of stuff obscuring her tracts. Then the nourishment of inner walls, and encouragement there. (This in turn lessened her lean on coffee as digestive stimulant). Then the return of coffee to its rightful throne, as lord of potent pleasure.

Uprooting an illness is such hard work, until the right medicine sets in motion healing.