Healing is excerpted from “The Secrets of Natural Health” by Dr. Shyam Singha.

Healing is the birthright of the body. However, healing can be hindered by doctors, surgeons, pills, exercise fanatics, colonic irrigators and many others who believe in quick cures. The body has an almost infinite ability to heal and regenerate itself. Many Eastern traditions attribute this ability to a primordial energy known as chi or prana. Although inherent in the body from birth, this energy can be systematically suppressed by various types of drugs, antibiotics, painkillers and muscle relaxants. While these remedies may help us to some extent in the short term, they also interfere with the body’s own healing process.
The net result is that we suffer more illness from bad living habits than from actual disease. The pressures upon us in modern society are so great that we are more prone to stress-related ailments than probably any other kind of illness. Stress subdues our basic energy and prevents the body from performing the job of healing. Healing requires time. However, the fast-food era encourages us to want everything to happen instantly. This leads inexorably to our use of instant solutions such as pain-killers, anti-inflammatants, acid reducers, sleep inducers, uppers, downers and so forth. We want to suppress the cause and vaporize the symptoms. We thereby avoid facing the fact that the cause of illness lies within each individual. Until we deal directly with the cause, and until it is overcome, the dis-ease and discomfort will remain to haunt us in a variety of different manifestations. There are, however, ways to discover the causes of our illnesses, many of which have been known since ancient times. One of these is ayurveda (self knowledge).