shout out


Want of fame lost hold on me some time ago, and my most influential relationships are kept under wraps. That said, I’ve loved a lot of people in my life; some might call me promiscuous.

The origin of the word promiscuous is not sexual, at least not strictly. For the purpose of this story, let the term itself be loose. I’m pro (for) miscere (to mix), or indiscriminate. Meaning, I’m not a bigot. By nature, I tend toward union.

There’s a way in which this makes me an outsider, since our society has a habit of drawing lines. Around perspective, persuasion, piety. Is it a ‘p’ thing? Again? Anyway, there’s all these distinctions made between people and so often defended rather than enjoyed. Some are opinion driven, like politics, while others are apparently physical like gender. 

There’s infinite beauty in difference. Not different labels, but actual verifiable difference. In color, temperature, scent.
A great chef makes contrast sing, as lyrics do.

At Anju two nights ago I ate.
Acid balance, internal warmth and crisp. Fatty heirloom beans mashed to better than potato.
As ever, intermingling harmonic delight.

So this, I tell myself. Delay nothing of value. Not for self-preservation or as Adam Phillips put it, the violence of our preferences. So much to do whilst still alive.