client interview



Excerpted from a private interview in 2006, the following Q&A gives a short glimpse into one client’s process and her relationship with me.
Her discovery that a body could feel better without restrictive or angst ridden diets was a total joy and the memory inspires.
When I think of her, I feel encouraged that people may not be so drawn to plastic surgery if they realize the possibilities and flexibility of their own form.
She sparked the invention of the ‘Scrubble Bubble’ – a blended drink made from grapefruits (pith included), chia, maple syrup and ice. If I was going to patent one thing…

Q: How would you describe Mary’s approach to diets?

A: Hmm…in a few words. Discerning and intuiting the physical needs of the client.
A ballsy diagnosis of individual conditions, with adaptive food based therapies.
It seems simple and magical at the same time.

Q: Does she have a system? I mean, what label would you give it if you had to — what style of cooking is it?

A: At the base of every meal is nature, in its raw form…it’s undeniably delicious natural food.

Q: And what about a structure for the work. What did you hire her to do, exactly?

A: She provides stretches of support alongside projects. Anything with particularly high demand on the body.
Loss of weight, muscle gain, skin tone, illness or addiction recovery…
She works with your practitioners as well. Handling food to compliment your other regimes.
There was the feeling we could have done almost anything we wanted to my body.
That’s the level of mastery.

Q: You also said the food was delicious.

A: Very. We went around the world in a matter of days, sitting at the table in my trailer.
Such broad influences. So little pretention. We were in Laos and then we were in Majorca. Taste wise.
But really we were at base camp. The variety became an inspiration. Re-awakened sleeping creative impulses and desires.
Creative invincibility.

Wow, the effect of relinquishing your food habits to the right person. Deep relaxation somewhere inside. Nerves let go and just feel, right? And the whole neurosis of what to eat when, how to control it, when to enjoy…all goes out the window.
Meeting one of her teachers gave me a real sense for the roots of the company. They’re based in benefiting, bringing the best out. It’s a lineage, connected to something bigger.
There’s certainly a charm around it. A glow. Can you see it in my smile?

Q: Ha haa. I think I can. Wow. Did she cook that?

A: Yum yum yes…these are my favorite noodles.