Reminiscing about early years in the kitchen with @chefd.daily. What wonderful trouble we got into whilst learning the ropes. 
One time, she won’t mind me telling you🤞🏽… I was so desperate for sane company in a particularly high pressure stretch of MLB spring training in Tampa… that we snuck her into my servants quarters and she basically lived as a stowaway for a week in the space between my bed and the wall. True friendship from a woman who enjoys the finer things. Then we drove cross country to deliver me and kitchen equipment to a ski lodge where my client was in surgical prep and recovery for months. The intensity of focus, straight up labor and daily demand for the best of my skills was hiiiiiiigh. Looking back at the experience, Debbie carried me there like footprints in the sand. 
At the end, we skied off the property, literally. And for a few hours we just flew. The whole stress billowing off of us in powdery snow-bursts.